Thursday, August 31, 2006

More Japanese Awesomeness

Stay safe in America and the UK!

I wonder if Yukino has seen one of these videos?

Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm seventeen and...Polish!!!:-D

Am I old?:-D just a little bit..
22 years ago a crazy child was born in Italy!!..but then she changed her nationality and remained always a teenager!!! :-DDD
My dear friends you don't know what I would do to celebrate my birthday with you..
so let's do it!!
Let's meet in the kitchen in fulford at 9.30 p.m. as usual :-D
Big party in the house!!..or on the blog at least!! :-D
Hug hug hug!!

yesterday night there was "spy game " on you remeber the last time we watched it?!
It was very strange to understand everything they said.. :-DThey spoke in my language!!!:-D

haha ohio

The area I grew up in all its morbid fog glory.
Beautiful castro district in the sun with the fog rolling in.
And a t-shirt just for dave from a shop window in SF.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I was right

I was right by god I was right, animals are just like us, and boo to them:

Song of the day:Vento in faccia!

That's what is about sleep in one of bandabardò's song
"..dimenticati, il sonno ed il riposo e sono ridotto a schiavo indecoroso!!
In un gioco di occhi, di forse e di coraggio, un gioco d'amore, nel mese di maggio!
Vento in faccia, alzo le braccia, pronto a ricevere il sole.
Anima in pace, quando tutto tace e la libertà che mi vuole e la libertà che mi vuole!!!"
"Sleep and release forgotten and I'm a miserable slave!!
In a game of looks, perhaps and courage, a love game during may!
Wind in my face, i raise my arms, ready to receive the sun.
Peaceful soul, when there is no sound, it's the liberty that wants me!!"
..It's not just about sleep but is my song today!! :-DDD
Good night everybody dears!!

Regarding Sleep Patterns...

This from the late, great, Thelonius Monk:

"I like to sleep. There is no set time of day for sleep. You sleep when you’re tired, that’s all there is to it"

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Crazy French

Gildas was on msn at 4:30am french time! He had just got back from working in a freezer at a warehouse. Crazy man.

California Woods

that's me in Muir woods today. The U.N. had their first meeting ever in San Francisco, and delegates visited Muir Woods shortly after Franklin D. Roosevelt death in order to show solidarity with his ideas that nature pulled together all humans. Muir Woods is an old growth forest with redwood trees reaching hundreds of feet in the air. It lies about an hour outside of San Francisco and gets millions of tourists (some which I saw while I was there) every year. The picture to the left gives you an idea of the size difference, the small dots to the right of the tree are people. Lucas filmed Star Wars: return of the jedi in the wood. He also used a local legend from the Miwok Native American Tribe about small furry beings that drove men crazy to come up with Ewoks. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures and small tour :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Where are the rock stars of the low countries?

No rock concert in my back yard. I am suffering in autumnlike weather: lousy temperatures and rain. And rain of course, combined with some drizzle and showers. The closest to the rock concert that took place in Chiara's home town, though, is a bicycle race. I know, I know, cyclists and rock artists are not alike at all. The previous shave their legs and the latter shave nothing, but wait, I am not just writing nonsense.
The similarity between the concert and the race is that the race takes place in my backyard, or more precisely, it starts and finishes two blocks away from my student house. And I won't be watching it. No, I will be competing in it. The Tour Of the Mid-Netherlands! Yeah rocks! I never raced in the city I lived in, Leiden nor Utrecht. So I am very excited. I'll have to conclude my post because I have to go to bed, tomorrow morning my alarm clock will cruelly wake me at 7:15. Ah I have to work at eight, and I am quite sure that it'll rain...
Sleep well, all. I hope we can work our reunion out for next year!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bello impossibile!!!:-D

Hello friends!!!
any decision for the meeting?
Hey hey hey!! i could hardly believe it but there was a rock concert in my small town!
It was great! Gianna Nannini sang here!! It was very funny!! She is quite old now but she is still full of energy!!She sang a lot of old hits like: latin lover, bello impossibile, meravigliosa creatura..
I lost my voice to sing!! Hi Hi Hi!!
You can try to listen to her songs because the music is very good too..
Goodnight and good dreams friends!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pictures From London 15 Months Ago

The first person I met from Utrecht. Look familiar, Erik? I believe she was a geology major.

Who, me?

My New Job

I've started working at FedEx Ground in Columbus. I've applied for some white-collar jobs, but I'm not holding out hope for securing one without my degree. I'm talking with friends about coming to London and Amsterdam for New Year's. That's about all thats new with me!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Message to Sasha and Dave

Hey guys!!
can you give me your addreses?!
..don't worry you want see me knocking on your door.. :-DDD
Have a nice day!!

The Italian job

Hello everybody!!
I finished to work 2 days ago and I start my real job: going out every night and comining back in the morning!!!
I'm a daysleeper!!! :-DDD
Here it's holyday: S. Rocco!!!
While I'm wrtiting there is the band playing!!
I met English people in the pizzeria where I worked..they came from Hampshire..I still could speak English.. at least I could understand them!
It's unbelievable but I miss York, its streets, its minster... :-(
Kisses kisses kisses!!!