Wednesday, February 27, 2008

you know that you're italian when...

Everytime you ask for a very-short-Espresso abroad you find it's not short enough...
Although you know that pizza abroad is just something different, you are still looking for it
You ask for a pizza pepperoni and wonder why they give you Salame...
At starbucks you ask for "coffe and milk", the bartender asks again "you want a latte?" you answer: "no: I want coffe and milk!"
You feel really frustrated when tipping is compulsory. So you barely give some coins
When they ask you if you want "italian dressing" in the salad, you always answer "no, thanks"
If they bring to you a salad with the so-called-italian-dressing you give it back and ask for a plain salad
Abroad you won't ask for a salad with oil, salt and vinegar or lemon because you believe it would be too difficult to explain
You consider weird people those who wear the jumper of their university, especially if they are inside the university
You wonder why in USA there are many so-called italian things you never saw in your entire life.
You know Italian cuisine is just unbeatable.
You know Cucina Mediterrania is the healthiest.
You have tried at least once to explain to anyone the difference between raw ham and cooked ham, without succeding
You have tried at least once to explain to anyone the difference between sausage and wurstel, failing.
When in USA they tell you that the weather it's 100 degrees you think they are joking...
you ask for mineral water even if you know the tap water is just as good
A meal without bread is not a meal; possibly several differnt types of bread
You eat a sweet and small breakfast
If you have breakfast in a bar, you ask for "Cappuccio e Brioche, perfavore!"
You never have Cappuccino after 11.00 ( a.m. no need to specify! )
You are metereophatic: your mood changes according to the weather
When you are abroad you like to list the differences with Italy
You kiss the cheeks of every girl you meet
The best food is the food of your city
You don't like the italian songs that succed abroad
You download lots of music and films from internet, and think it is morally permitted
you have read lots of books at high school. And if you din't because you copied at the exams, you pretend you've read them anyway.
You love Nutella...anytime...
You call it Ragu', not Bolognaise!!
You know some Pierre (P.R.) but call them only in the week-endwhen something is exagerated you say "che Americanata!", especially if it is a movie
You've always wanted the money to buy a Ferrari or a Maserati..but if you had enough money you would rather go on vacation in Brazil and never come back
You think your city is better than all the other cities in Italy
When you were young you used to go to the Oratorio (or know somebody who did)
You stopped going every week to the church after the Cresima
You love the Aperitivo and call it "Happy Hour"
You miss home even if you hate it
you hate cold pizza
you hate pizza with Ananas (Pinapple)
you call the subway "Metro"
At high school you did Autogestione or Occupazione (unless you went to private school)
You have a particular word to say "miss school": bigiare, zompare, balzare, marinare, bruciare, far palo...
You think queueing in line is unefficient
you never use a Taxi because it is too expensive

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

...everybody here comes from somewhere!

...hey did you listen to the new REM single!?
A new album will soon come out !! They are gonna play in Italy in July! I've already bought tickets !I look forward to seeing them again on stage! I'm so excited about that!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still Kickin' In Chicago

Hey all,

I haven't posted anything in months, so I figure I'll poke my head out and make some noise. I'm in the middle of a very cold and snowy winter here in Chicago. The snow storms have made my commutes to and from work outrageously long - several times I spent three hours in the car going one way!

Besides work, I am taking German classes and brushing up on my math and econ reading. I am not as dedicated a cyclist as Erik, so the bike will remain indoors until the temps get above the freezing mark. I can't wait to start riding again, though. Chicago is very friendly for cyclists (by American standards). And the skyscrapers I see are among the best in the world.

In stupid news: someone stole the license plate to my car! It is doubly annoying because the toll-roads have cameras that scan license plates - if I don't have one then I can get a ticket. So I have to take time out of my work day to get a new one... waiting in line and filling out forms. What a hassle!

My next trip will be to warmer climbs; I'm looking to visit New Orleans. It's about a 13 hour drive from Chicago, along the Mississippi river. They don't have stroopwafels, beautiful tall blond women, or kebabs, but they do have killer jazz and creole food. I can't wait!

Hope all is well. What is going on with you guys?

Here are some pictures from my trip in September:

you know that you are a real erasmus when...

- you do things that you would never do in your hometown
.- you don't want to show your latest partypictures to anyone that's not an Erasmus.
- "spending the day at uni" means a day spent in front of your mail, msn and facebook.
- not even 30 calls from the neighbours and a visit from the police can keep you from having another big party. You just move and change neighbours!
- you came to your Erasmus-country wanting to find new friends among "the locals", but soon realised that the other Erasmuses are more fun.
- the people you just know by your own made up nicknames, such as "the hunk, the pop-guy, Hi5, barefootman..." etc are people you absolutely want to invite to your birthdayparty
.- most of your time is spent preparing for or recovering from a night out.
- you to everyone proudly present old silly songs from you home country, claiming that its a classic...without being embarrassed.
- you no longer care whether it's monday or friday - it's still partynight!
- you recognize people saying hi to you in the street thanks to the pictures you took last night.
- you refer to everything as before or after a certain Erasmus-event.
- you know that nothing is better than a night out at the erasmus pubs and clubs
- although your friends complain about always going to the same places...
- you kiss anyone and anything without bothering about the consequences (good or bad).
- you blame all your bad behaviour on the fact that you're an Erasmus.
- you do a test to measure your consume of alcohol and get serioulsy worried about your health.
- you know that the time of your life is now!

...does it remind anything to you?!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

happy birthday!

Auguri Sasha!