Friday, October 12, 2007

Law School

Once again I have to say goodbye to my ever changing dream of visiting Europe (or in this case Italy. I'm sorry Chiara!). I just found out it is going to cost me a little over $500 to apply to law school! I am still planning to go to Japan (mostly because the flights are cheaper and my friend Davida would kill me if I didn't) but at least I will have another six months to save up that money.

That being said I would like everyone to know that I still think of you all the time. You are all being included in my personal essay on my Law school application (even Yiyoung). I want to go onto studying international and immigration law. I can think of no better way to impress the admissions dean than to describe my experience at Fulford. Well I've leave out the drinking.

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PAJET' E' BELL'!! (Paglieta is beautiful!)

Hello Fulford friends!
I found a video on my small hometown on you tube so if you want to enter the fantastic world of paglietani (inhabitants of Paglieta) just go this website:
Enjoy it!
the title of the post refers to a song in my dialect on my town: Pajet' è bell', si nu paes' assai rar' è chi ti ved' n' t' po scurdà!! (paglieta is beautiful, is a unique place and who visit it cannot forget it!)