Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Checking In

To my amazement Guillaume is on facebook. Still with a very confused look on his face! Emeline must be telling him about politics when the picture was taken. Yukino's birthday is this friday. Happy Early birthday!!!! (I will be going to Japan in May it looks like. I will e-mail you soon). I am almost done applying for law school and after that I will have way more time. I did mention fulford in the essay as the thing that changed my world view most. I miss you all so much. I owe Chiara many many e-mails! I owe Lisa a conversation about Iranian archeology and preservation. I will try to get out and visit David some time next summer (if he's not in europe somewhere). Erik I wanted to tell you there is a skit Monty Python did where they speak "dutch"; but they are just speaking English backward. You should look it up; I hear it's hilarious. I feel like I've been a bad friend and have not kept in touch as much as I need too. I miss you all! Remember all of you invited to my apartment, anytime, wherever I may be living, to visit and sleep on my couch (if you need to).

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