Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The clip below shows my childhood dream! When I was little (and I once was) I had a loft bed (never knew what it was in English, just found it on wikipedia). Ok, when I was little I had a loft bed and my room was on the first floor. I figured that since after going out of bed I only went down, first to the floor, then the ground floor, I could just as well use a slide to go down. The joy that would give! But in my mind I extended the slide further and further, I imagined that I could slide all the way to my classroom. No problem, except that I had to make sure that I could grab some food on the way! And now someone created my dream the other way around. Splendid! As it turns out this slide wish is shared by more people, that's why I think you might enjoy it as well.

Me, I am by now 23 days in Berlin. I have got a room in the yuppies-with-children-as-fashion-accessories-neighbourhood Prenzlauerberg. The Berlin Wall used to be only 50 meters from my house and I live in the former communist Eastern part. I live with four german people in this house in the √úckerm√ľnder Strasse, so the experience is not as international as in York, but good nonetheless. I will live here only for five months. When I left York I promised myself that I would never again go away for only half a year, because that is gone in no-time. However I did it again this time... I am just stubborn, I guess.
Anyway, Dave I am here until March 1st. If you arrive here before that date we could meet up. Even if I have already left we could still meet up in Berlin. It is only 6 hours by train and an excuse to go to Berlin is always welcome! And for the others: if you want to come and visit me and Berlin: you are more than welcome and you can allways stay in my house!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Now that John Barleycorn has died, I'm going to make some tea and stay inside

Hello friends! I'm still in Chicago, still an underwriter, still hopelessly single... The temperatures are starting to fall; riding my bike will soon be a sweaty and slushy endeavor. I got rid of my car several months ago, so unlike the typical American commuter I take a train and bus to work while riding my bike to get the groceries. It's great!

Erik, I hope to go to Europe next year, maybe before you leave Berlin. I'd like to practice my German. I've been taking classes but haven't had the motivation lately to study. Schade!

Hope all is well with everyone =)