Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Elections and Update

Hello everyone. A little bad news on election day. My boss was fired on Halloween and I was, as the English say, made "redundant". The US economy is in a downturn and non-profit agencies (charities) like the one I worked for are suffering. I was told that I had done a wonderful job but there was simply no more money left in the Budget to keep me on. Everything is OK I am already applying to new jobs and I am not upset. Anyhow, I just applied to law school again and will hear back in the next few months!

There has been so much tension around this election. Besides the presidential election California has some very contentious propositions on the ballot. One proposdition would make gay marriage illegal and another proposition would force doctors to tell the parents of teen girls that the teenager wants to have an abortion. Whatever happens there will be lot of social change and rights at stake...

I am going to get Skype up and going soon. I'll e-mail you all with the info. Thanks for reminding me Chiara! I was always too busy with work but now I'll have some time off to catch up. Dave it's amazing you can go to Europe right now considering the falling dollar. Just don't get stuck with a weird campsite again :-) Erik it sounds like you will have a way more "German" experience then the "English" experience you had at York. Enjoy Berlin!

To lighten up the mood a bit here is a video of Peruvian Shaman's (voodoo priests) endorsing Obama.

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