Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's New?

Hey all, just checking in to say that I'm still alive and doing well. What are you guys up to this summer?

Tonight is tapas night at my apartment; Ines you would be proud. We've spent 12 hours making tasty dishes and now I'm just waiting for guest to arrive. I've learned more about Spanish food in one week than I've learned about any type of food in years.

I went to England in May and had a blast. Didn't get to see any Fulfordians, but on my next trip to the continent I'm sure I'll see some of you. My original plan was to go to Europe in August, but that doesn't look likely at this point. I'm hoping to save up some money and take a two-week vacation, but it might not be until next summer.

As for the job and apartment - I'm working for the same company but I'm at a new office in a different suburb of Chicago. I'm also living in a new apartment with two new roommates. I'm outside the city, but only by 1 mile. It's still pretty urban and I'm right next to the train stop.

Well do send in your status reports as well. What are you up to??


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